Save Money

Having your battery reconditioned rather than replaced can save you thousands of Rupees.


Save the Planet

Battery conditioning will not only save you time and money, it will also keep one more battery out of the landfills, helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Increase Fuel Economy

Battery pack operation and performance significantly effects vehicle fuel economy so having your battery recharged and conditioned results in optimum fuel economy.

100% Guaranteed

Our New and Used hybrid battery conditioning comes with a 1 year guarantee, so your car will be running at its optimum performance with supper charging .

Why would I want to recondition my hybrid battery pack?

For most car owners, replacing a battery isn't really a big deal. It's not something that drivers have to do very often, but when they do, it's a simple task that won't put a dent in the wallet. Discount car batteries can cost as low as $30, while more expensive, premium brands can cost between $80 and $120.

Although it's smart to properly maintain your battery, there are certainly bigger things to worry about in a car, like the transmission, which can cost upwards of Rs450000/= to replace.

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